Alpha Waves Radio Comes to SUBSPACE

by | Feb 1, 2022 | SUBSPACE News | 0 comments

Subspace Internet Radio launches this weekend with some familiar favorites like ‘Chillpak Hollywood Hour’ and ‘The 7th Rule.’ But it also will bring another once-popular show back into its fold with the return of ‘Alpha Waves Radio.’

Michael Hinman — who created the show as SyFy Radio back in 2007 — returns as host for the weekly program that intersects entertainment news and commentary. Hinman originally revived the show in 2018 as part of the original ODYSY, but left the platform after its sale. Now Alpha Waves Radio returns, along with a new program Hinman launched last year, Week in Geek, which will return in late February.

Hinman ran the entertainment news outlet Airlock Alpha — and its predecessor, SyFy Portal — for nearly 20 years.  SyFy Radio was an early podcast hit, where Hinman would welcome actors, writers, producers and composers each week. The show rebranded as Alpha Waves Radio when Hinman sold the “SyFy” trademark to NBC Universal in 2009. Alpha Waves Radio will feature a number of different personalities from the past and present, including entertainment journalist Christiane Elin scheduled to join Hinman on his opening broadcast.

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